children playing in the zocalo in Isla MujeresIn some countires chess is the craze. In others video games. For some it's polo. Here in Mexico it's these plastic dingle balls which has taken the country by storm. Here two visiting youngsters try their hand at this challenging game. Two plastic balls are suspended from a string at each end. The player holds the string from the center while jerking it up and down. The object is to have the two plastic balls impact. The neat thing about this challenging game is that it's nearly impossible to lose. Even a Cancun traffic cop can play this game with some success. And the constant impact of the balls makes a constant clicking sound. 

Isla Mujeres at night
Here some local girls want to try the game of the dingle balls. Converging upon a bridge table set up in the town square many exotic plastic items are to be found. Many from as far away as China. White dingle balls. Red dingle balls. Plastic toys. Everyone wants to play the game. At the other end of the square typical foods are served. On benches lovers sit and talk. Friends gather. Everywhere people play dingle-ball. Click-click. Clank-clank. Will she win or lose? Place your bet. IF you bet there are condos on North Beach with internet wireless you'll win as there are indeed right here Ixchel


Not far from the zocalo (town square) musical groups entertain in the local restaurants. This group was pretty good. And I stuck around to hear of my favorite local songs la del moņo colorado
Now if you're looking for something a bit more upbeat click on the guitar for a reggae group in an exclusive all-inclusive resort on the island.

The main drag for arts and crafts and restaurants is Calle Hildago which runs from the zocalo to North Beach.  

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